Passive safety column for solar street light

Soluxio Solar Wildlife Friendly Lighting Edition

Wildlife and nocturnal friendly lighting

The Soluxio is the most advanced and well-designed solar light column on the market. This sustainable solar light pole is now also available in a wildlife-friendly edition. The Soluxio wildlife-friendly lighting edition is a 100% solar powered and therefore operates completely off the grid. Because of this, invasive trenching and cutting concrete is no longer needed. As a result the Soluxio solar wildlife-friendly lighting edition protects underground life and sustains healthy ecosystems.

Light improves public safety, however considering animal life, it’s important to not use more light than necessary. Apart from this being a waste of energy, it also has a major impact on wildlife. With the Soluxio wildlife-friendly lighting edition FlexSol has created specific solutions for locations where you need light, but you don’t want to interrupt the environment.

Solar powered by FlexSol’s technology

Use of long wavelenghts

Lights placed as low as possible, max. of 4 metres

Shielded fixtures, therefore no glaring lenses

Optional: Motion Sensor

Nocturnal animal friendly lighting

The animals that encounter the most nuisance of light pollution are nocturnal animals such as sea turtles, bats, frogs and many insects. They sleep during the day and live during the night, therefore their vision exist primarily out of rods and fewer cones. To clarify, rods can detect light 100 times faster than cones. So this makes night time animals super sensitive to even the smallest light. Especially green/blue light which emits at 496 nanometers.

The Soluxio wildlife-friendly edition only uses long wavelength lights. These lights are colored in a range from amber to red and have a wavelength of 560 nanometres and higher. Due to this human beings can clearly see this light. However these nocturnal wildlife friendly lights are less bothersome for nocturnal animals than normal streetlights.

Sea turtle safe lighting

Artificial light in the night alters the sleep rhythm of many animals, resulting in not getting sufficient rest for the body to recover. Because of this animals repel from light polluted areas where they would normally make a living, causing a form of habitat loss. On the contrary other animals are attracted to light sources, such as sea turtles, bats, frogs and many insects.

For example, sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches. When born, the hatchlings need to navigate to the sea in order to survive. In order to do so they follow the reflections of the moonlight on the ocean. This lets them know exactly where they need to go to reach the sea.

Therefore in some areas, like in Florida, turtles follow the artificial light instead of the moonlight. The use of long wavelength lights and turtle safe lighting avoids turtles navigating into the wrong direction.

Not only sea turtles benefit from this solution, but also birds, bats, frogs and other nocturnal animals. Altogether, the Soluxio wildlife-friendly edition is a great turtle safe and bat safe lighting solution.

Low and shielded lighting

Beside using long wavelength lights, Flexsol makes sure the light is low and shielded. For example the light fixtures on the Soluxio wildlife-friendly edition are mounted at a maximum of 4 meters to minimize the light trespass. Also, to avoid lighting waste and to be dark sky compliant, the top and optional sides of the light fixtures are shielded.

Besides this, the bulbs used in the Soluxio wildlife friendly lights emit light at the lowest possible wattage acceptable, so it emits as little lumen as possible. Because of this the Soluxio wildlife friendly lighting provides enough light for the job, but it hardly affects bats, turtles and other nocturnal animals.

Because FlexSol’s wildlife-friendly edition uses solar-powered lighting, long wavelengths, low mounted fixtures, shielded bulbs and lower wattage, the solution is not only wildlife friendly, but also a energy-saving solution. With this FlexSol contributes to a more sustainable planet with innovations not only great for humanity, but also for the environment.

In addition Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission certification is optional with the Soluxio solar wildlife-friendly edition.

Extra wildlife-friendly options: motion sensor & advanced lighting schemes

An extra option for the wildlife-friendly edition lighting is a motion sensor. With this FlexSol offers light in situations that demand lighting only when needed. In other words, with no movement the solar light switches off automatically in order to leave the natural habitat as unaffected as possible.

Besides a motion sensor, the lighting schemes are adaptable according to your wishes or qualifications. For example the lighting scheme are adjustable, so that the light turns off automatically in the middle of the night.


Do you have more questions about our FlexSol Wildlife Friendly Lighting Edition? Please get in touch here.

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