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FlexSol NxT solar bollard in villa garden - yard lighting design

NxT: solar bollard

Plug & play terrain lighting

The NxT solar bollard offers a rainbow palette of lighting options for private and public terrains. This solar-powered outdoor lamp operates completely wirelessly, eliminating the need to dig across your property to install an electrical grid. Simply plug the solar bollard in the soil and wait for the sun to go down for the RGBW LED light to turn on.

You can control any group of lights or individual NxT solar bollards from your smartphone, or even set up a light show through the DMX interface. With NxT, you redirect sunlight to suit your lighting plan.

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The NxT solar bollard can light your terrain in any color of the rainbow. Decorate your garden or driveway with LED lighting controlled from your smartphone.

Plug your NxT in the soil and wait for the sun to go down for it to turn on. Or set up a lighting plan or show from anywhere you want.

Sunlight is the lifeblood of the NxT. Designed to last and with recyclability in mind, NxT is the sustainable outdoor lighting choice.

Solar outdoor lighting hotel or resort terrain garden lamp
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