solar industrial lighting at harbor

Industrial solar lighting at floating dock

No grid connection needed

The Soluxio offers a wide range of lighting solutions. Not only does the Soluxio offer solar-powered street lighting, but also in the industrial field the Soluxio is very useful.  This project was carried out for one of the largest towage companies in the world. The company provides tailored towage services in many large European ports, such as the Port of Rotterdam. Those ports are major sea traffic junctions where ships come and go from all over the world to bring cargo or passengers. For this reason a safe work environment is of great importance in large ports like Rotterdam, during the day and at night.

FlexSol was asked to bring light at the harbor. Good industrial lighting brings safety and a clear vision for working personnel. Especially in challenging environments, where ships dock and moor continuously. For the client, solar autonomous lighting was a real advantage. Light had to be provided at the pontoon, but there was no electric connection near the pontoon. Also drawing power to it would be a slow and expensive process. FlexSol was able to deliver fast, and install quickly. The solar industrial poles in the Port of Rotterdam started shining the minute they were installed, bringing immediate safety and security.

Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

5 meter

P220 A5, 2 solar modules, >220 Wp

Installed on floating pontoon

Siteco Streetlight 11


Industrial solar light: we have the solution for every situation

As you can imagine light is of the utmost importance for the safety of staff, especially at this busy pontoon in Europe’s largest seaport. The environment where the industrial solar lights are installed is challenging, especially because of the heaving and the stubbing of heavy towing ships onto the pontoon. Because of this the Soluxio industrial lighting was connected in a special way, to ensure the stability at all times.

The poles are mounted with a base plate and secured with bolts. To prevent galvanic corrosion between the aluminum poles and the steel pontoon, special isolation was designed that separates pole and pontoon. Furthermore, custom spacers are used. All is done to ensure good lighting in tough environments.

On top of that, solar energy is free and inexhaustible. The Soluxio P220 A5 will charge when the sun is shining brightly, but also when it’s cloudy and during dark winters. Due to the cylindrical shape of the modules, the solar pole is able to collect sunlight from every direction, charging its high-end lithium batteries. Because of the solar cells efficiency of over 23%, the Soluxio industrial solar light gives you light all year round. Further the Soluxio industrial light only uses high quality materials, such as the corrosion resistant aluminum pole, needed for the salty seawater. As a result the Soluxio industrial light is of superior quality and has an unbeatable longevity. In this way it will illuminate this location in the seaport for many years to come.

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Pictures of this industrial solar lighting

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