Soluxio solar illuminated road sign Rotterdam City Center

Solar Illuminated Road Sign

Soluxio’s solar-powered illuminated road sign

FlexSol and INNOV8 created a unique solar-powered product to improve the road traffic safety. The Soluxio Solar Illuminated Road Sign greatly enhances the visibility for road users. This is because the road signage is internally illuminated by solar power. Therefore road users have more time to prepare for a turn, intersection or roundabout. As the illuminated road signs are seen much earlier than traditional signs they contribute to safer roads.

The solar illuminated road sign doesn’t only provide great visibility during the day, but also during the night. The unique cylindrical solar modules are generating solar energy during the day. The energy is stored in an advanced lithium battery. At nighttime the solar power is used to illuminate the road signage. As a result of this, there are no headlights needed to reflect the signs. This is a huge benefit compared to traditional road signage.

Solar illuminated road sign at night

Solar illuminated road signs: cost savings and no nuisance

The traditional, grid connected, illuminated direction signs are very expensive to install and maintain. Especially for example in the middle of a roundabout, where standard electricity cables need to be trenched to the road signage. This consequently leads to road blocks, traffic nuisance and additional costs. The Soluxio solar illuminated road sign is a 100% solar powered. So it doesn’t require cabling or invasive trenching in order to install. Also due to the plug-and-play design the Soluxio solar direction sign is installed within 45 minutes.

The Soluxio solar illuminated road sign is powered by solar energy and therefore self-chargeable. This means you don’t have to pay up to 70 dollar a year to illuminate a single sign. So this makes the solar road sign super cost effective. In remote places where road safety is especially important. The Soluxio solar illuminated road signs are the perfect solution for remote intersections and roundabouts where connection to the electric grid isn’t possible.

Soluxio’s solar advantages

The internally solar illuminated road signs are powered by FlexSol’s in-house produced solar modules and solar technology. The Soluxio solar technology is also integrated in the famous Soluxio solar street light. The Soluxio solar street lights are installed worldwide and working outstandingly. FlexSol’s aesthetic cylindrical solar modules and high-end sustainable lithium batteries are therefore proven to be very durable and reliable. Even in countries with more cloudy weather and less sunshine.

The Soluxio solar internally illuminated road sign also provides data collecting services. Monitoring and managing the signs is done remotely through a wireless interface. So you will know immediately when something is wrong or needs enhancement. This prevents nuisance for road users.

Applicable with every road sign

The Soluxio internally illuminated road signs are optimized for every kind of signage. Varying from street signs, to traffic signs or warning sign. And are adaptable to all kinds of accepted road signs in different countries. The illuminated signs can therefore be made in every colour and font.

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