Soluxio passive safety columns with solar-powered streetlights at the N211

Soluxio solar passive safety column

The world’s first crash-friendly solar streetlight with 70 & 100 NE3 rating

The Soluxio light poles do not only provide solar-powered streetlighting, but they can also minimize the impact in case of a car crash. With the 70/100NE3 rating, the Soluxio streetlights are the first crash-friendly solar light poles in the world. FlexSol Solutions is the first provider of solar-powered passive safety columns meeting Europe’s highest requirements.

Check out the Soluxio passive safety solar-powered streetlights at the provincial road, the N211, in the Netherlands, here.

So how does it work? The aluminum passive safety poles have a nifty and reliable mechanism. In case of an impact, this mechanism ensures the complete pole will immediately shear from the socket and fly over the crashing car. Undeniable this will minimize the damage of the car and, most importantly, the chances of passengers getting severely injured. The Soluxio solar poles are also 360 degrees impact resistant. So, the solar poles can be impacted in any direction.

Soluxio solar passive safety columns. 100 NE3 rated.

Suitable for most wind zones

TASS & MIRA tested

Aluminum poles are cradle to cradle certified

Placeable at rocky terrains

100% solar-powered

Low maintenance, high reliability

Meeting Europe’s highest requirements

Passive safety classification 70/100 NE3

Omnidirectional impact resistant

Suitable for different soil types

Installed within 45 minutes

Unique shear-off mechanism


Order your Soluxio crash-friendly solar streetlight or learn more about the possibilities by clicking the link below.

Easy asset management due to 4G/LTE connection

The Soluxio solar pole is the most advanced solar pole on the market. With the uniquely curved solar panels and the in-house developed solar technology, the Soluxio is the perfect combination of both great design and premium technology. Furthermore, the Soluxio solar pole is 4G/LTE connected which makes remote monitoring possible. As a result, managing your asset has never been easier.

The Soluxio crash-friendly light pole can also be equipped with smart city applications. For example, think about motion sensors, air quality sensors or noise pollution sensors. Another benefit of the Soluxio crash-friendly pole is that you can choose your own light fixture. This is possible because the Soluxio is luminaire independent due to our own solar optimized LED driver.

Passive safety solar pole. 100 NE3 rated.

Soluxio solar pole with passive safety column after impact with a car.

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