Passive safety column for solar street light

Soluxio solar passive safety column

The world’s first crash-friendly solar passive safety column with 100NE3 rating

Streetlights reduce crime and improve public safety. Our solar-powered light poles do not only bring light to the darkest places, but they can also minimize the impact in case of a critical car crash. With a 100NE3 rating, these solar street lighting columns are the first crash-friendly solar streetlights in the world. The passive safety column for the advanced Soluxio solar street light is constructed with a nifty and reliable mechanism. This mechanism will minimize the damage of the car and, most importantly, the chances of passengers getting injured.

These aluminum solar poles are 360 degrees impact resistant and rated with a 100NE3 passive safety classification. Therefore, the Soluxio solar poles can be impacted in any direction. In case of an impact, the mechanism ensures the complete pole will immediately shear from the socket and fly over the crashing car. This provides safety for passengers and reduces the risk of severe injures. The crash-friendly solar columns are very suitable for highways, highway exits and provincial roads.

Soluxio solar passive safety columns. 100 NE3 rated.

Suitable for most wind zones

TASS & MIRA tested

Aluminum poles are cradle to cradle certified

Placeable at rocky terrains

100% solar-powered

Low maintenance, high reliability

Unique patented shear-off construction

Passive safety classification 100 NE3

Omnidirectional impact resistant

Suitable for different soil types

Installed within 45 minutes

Includes shear-off / shimmer protection

Passive safety column, solar powered

FlexSol is the first provider of crash-friendly solar light poles. As a solar innovator FlexSol continuously works on creating the most advanced solar technology. The implementation of the passively safe solar column is the next novelty in a long line of inventions. Together with the aesthetically pleasing design, dedicated software, long lifetime lithium batteries, and smart electronics (including GSM, GPS), it’s the most sophisticated solar streetlight available on the market today. The Soluxio crash-friendly solar pole is powered by FlexSol’s patented cylindrical solar modules. Solar energy generated during the day is stored in a high-end lithium battery. This state-of-the-art lithium battery ensures light throughout the night, year-round.

The cylindrical shape of the solar modules allows the solar pole to catch sunlight from every direction, charging its advanced lithium battery daily. Only high-quality components are used in the Soluxio passive safety solar pole, this results in a solar pole of superior quality with an unbeatable longevity. With an efficiency of the solar modules of over 23%, the Soluxio solar light pole will give you year-round light. Even in case of cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight. This makes it possible for the Soluxio intelligent solar poles to be completely off-grid and to be placed anywhere without invasive trenching and expensive cabling.

Passive safety solar pole. 100 NE3 rated.

Solar pole with passive safety column after impact with car.


Do you want to see the crash-friendly solar poles in action? Take a look at the N211 provincial road in the Hague. FlexSol applied passive safety solar light poles to contribute to the first carbon neutral road in the Netherlands.

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