Solar streetlight projects

Soluxio solar technology is a proven technology implemented worldwide. Our clients choose for Soluxio because of sustainability, reliable technology, performance, ease of installation, quick return of investment and more reasons. Soluxio solar street lights, NxT solar bollards and Soluxio Connect solar WiFi poles are found at off-grid and on-grid locations everywhere, from dark & cold Finland to hot & sunny Las Vegas. Check out the projects below and find out why our clients chose us. Find out what benefits Soluxio solar technology can bring to your project!

Soluxio design solar lights

Solar innovation: Soluxio design solar lights The possibilities with the Soluxio solar light column are truly endless. FlexSol Solutions originally designed the Soluxio as a solar streetlight. But because [...]


Soluxio solar WiFi hotspot

Soluxio: off-grid solar WiFi hotspot In 2019, the German Free State of Bavaria (Bayern) expanded their existing WiFi network with the Soluxio Connect, a fully solar-powered WiFi hotspot. Bavaria [...]

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