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FlexSol Soluxio XS solar streetlight public lighting

Soluxio XS: solar street light

The economical solar-powered street lighting column

Establishing a greener tomorrow requires more than technologies that run entirely on clean energy: they also need to be cost-efficient and reliable. Since a significant portion of national power consumption is directed toward keeping the streets lit, the Soluxio XS solar street light offers the perfect solution for this environmental problem – and it does so at an affordable price. But despite the fact that the streetlight is less expensive than conventional street lighting in the long term, it is still a premium product. The Soluxio XS solar street light is as reliable as the Soluxio solar light post, lasts equally long, produces just as much energy, and looks aesthetically pleasing as well. If you are looking for cost-efficiency through simplicity, the Soluxio XS is the product of choice!

The Soluxio XS solar street light is powered directly by the sun. They are equipped with the most efficient solar cells on the market (>23%). The unique cylindrical solar panels always capture sunlight because dirt or water cannot accumulate on them. At night, the integrated high capacity lithium batteries use this energy to power an efficient LED light. The battery capacity is sufficient to bridge periods of bad weather, so that the light will always last through the night. Each Soluxio XS solar street light is equipped with GSM and GPS as well. This allows for remote management and automatic self-adjustment to seasonal changes and local weather conditions.

No cabling means cheap and simple installation. A single Soluxio XS solar street light can be installed in less than half an hour.

A remote management platform lowers operational cost. Maintenance can be better predicted and scheduled.

Autonomy means reliability. The Soluxio XS is insensitive to blackouts, making it the best option when reliability is key.

Zero CO2 emission during operational life due to 100% renewable energy. Made from easily recyclable materials.

Durable, economical and simple

Priority number one of this mass-production solar street light is achieving cost efficiency without a reduction of quality. In contrast to its more customisable predecessor the Soluxio solar light post, the Soluxio XS excels through standardisation and simplicity.

Comparison between Soluxio XS & Soluxio
Soluxio XSSoluxio
Solar modules1 – 3 modules1 to 10 modules
Mast height4 to 8 metersVariable from 3 to 12 meters
LED LightFlexSol FSA-01 or FSA-03 luminaire. (More info)FlexSol offers its own range of light fixtures suitable for use with the Soluxio. (More info) The Soluxio can also be installed with several other LED luminaire brands.
Battery typeLithium-ion (LiFePo4)Lithium-ion (LiFePo4)
Battery capacity690 WhUp to 3700Wh battery capacity inside the pole, optional external underground battery.
  • GPS receiver
  • 4-channel MPPT per solar module
  • LED driver
  • battery management system
  • mobile internet communication
  • GPS receiver
  • 4-channel MPPT per solar module
  • LED driver
  • battery management system
  • mobile internet communication
Pole structureAluminium (EN-AW 6060 T66 marine grade alloy) or galvanised steel poleHigh strength aluminium profiles (EN-AW 6060 T66 marine grade alloy)
MaintenanceSecured maintenance door at ground levelSecured maintenance door at ground level
Optional features
  • Motion detection
  • Motion detection
  • WiFi access point
  • USB-C charging ports
  • Pyranometer
  • Weather station
  • CCTV
  • Smart city manager

Durable, economical and simple

Priority number one of this mass-production solar street light is achieving cost efficiency without a reduction of quality. In contrast to its more customisable predecessor the Soluxio solar light post, the Soluxio XS excels through standardisation and simplicity.

Management made easy

All your Soluxio XS solar street lights automatically send their status to a specially developed secure online platform, where you can monitor all system parameters through an intuitive visual interface. Failures or defects are automatically detected and reported, reducing maintenance costs while increasing reliability. Managing your lighting remotely or viewing historical data is easy and can be done from any location. This allows for full optimisation of both lighting and maintenance schemes.

Designed to please, built to resist

Because the cylindrical solar panel catches light from every direction, the light post can be placed in any orientation and is easy to install. The vertically oriented solar module ensures that dirt or snow will not adhere to the surface. The Soluxio XS solar street light looks good in every location. Its sleek design fits perfectly on every road, street or park. But the Soluxio XS solar street lighting is also ideal for inaccessible areas such as mountain roads, desert trails and islands, since it does not require an electricity grid.

Furthermore, the Soluxio XS solar street light is made to withstand rough conditions like blizzards or sandstorms. In applications where reliability is key and efficiency is important, the Soluxio XS is the product of choice. Because every pole functions independently and off-grid, blackouts due to power failure cannot occur. This autonomy makes the Soluxio XS solar street light both suitable for lighting up difficult or remote roads as well as footpaths in parks or resorts.

Achieving sustainability through efficiency

The Soluxio XS solar street light has a simple and effective design. The use of high quality components ensures optimal operation and a long lifetime. Unique solar technology combined with advanced electronics and an efficient LED lighting fixture make the Soluxio XS the most reliable autonomous lighting solution.

Solar panel module - Soluxio circular solar cell module

The Soluxio XS features unique patented cylindrical solar modules. The implemented solar cells are the most efficient in the market (>23%) and perform excellently at higher temperatures. Like a conventional solar panel, the cells are directly laminated onto the scratch resistant exterior. This increases both performance and durability and ensures no dirt or moist can accumulate in between the cells and their casing.

Soluxio battery pack, design, reliability, high end, premium, lithium, electronics, solar.

The lithium batteries used in the Soluxio XS have many advantages over other battery technologies. Low and high temperature performance are superior, as well as tolerance to deep discharging. The lifetime of lithium batteries (8-10 years) is significantly longer than that for example lead batteries (2 years), and no maintenance is required during the entire lifetime. Want more information? Read this article: Why FlexSol Solutions works exclusively with lithium batteries.

Soluxio electronics PCB - Dedicated smart electronics

Advanced electronics maximise the power output of every individual solar module. All strings of cells function independent from each other, so that a weak link will not affect the rest of the system. This means that a solar panel with lower performance, for example due to shade, does not affect the performance of the other panels, ensuring reliable operation even under the harshest conditions.

Soluxio solar street light foundation options - ground screw

We offer a unique, secure ground screw with the Soluxio XS for extra quick installation. The screw mitigates the need to dig into the ground since it can simply be drilled into the soil using a compact mobile screw driver. Without damaging the surrounding soil at all, a Soluxio XS solar street light post can be installed in less than half an hour using only simple tools.

Technical details of the solar street light

In the table below, you can find the most important technical specifications and features of the Soluxio XS. For more details and an overview of the certifications that the Soluxio XS complies with, please visit our Downloads section.

Mast materialAluminium (marine grade 6060 T66 aluminium alloy) or galvanised steel
Finish optionsPowder coated or anodised in various colors
Mast height4-8 m
Mounting optionsDirectly in ground or on ground screw
Operating temperature-20˚C to 60˚C
Solar module
Number of solar modules1 – 3 modules
Outer materialBorosilicate glass
Nominal power> 100 Wp
Solar cell technologyMonocrystalline silicon
Battery capacity690 Wh
Battery technologyLithium-ion
Battery voltage9.6V
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)4 channels per solar module
CommunicationGSM (RF optional)
Motion sensorOptional for FSA-03 luminaire
Luminaire modelFSA-01FSA-03
Number of LED’s36 pcs24 pcs
Rated maximum power59 W55 W
DimmingAdaptive based on GPS and battery statusAdaptive based on GPS and battery status
Motion sensorNoOptional
Color temperature6500/4000/3000K6500/4000/3000K
Luminous flux4300/3980/3660lm3960/3660/3370lm
LED lifetime70.000h70.000h
More informationClick here for datasheetClick here for datasheet


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