Soluxio smart solar parking lot lighting installed in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Smart solar parking lot lighting in Tilburg city center

100% easy to move

The Soluxio smart solar parking lot lighting is the first off-grid, autonomous solar street lighting in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The smart solar lights use sustainable solar power for the lighting of parking areas and parking lots. Eliminating expensive trenching of electric wires results into cost savings. Furthermore, fast and easy installation of the Soluxio solar light makes the Soluxio very cost and time efficient.

The smart solar lighting columns installed in Tilburg are 10m (33ft) tall. They have an exclusive wood look finish and are easy to remove and re-install. Also, each solar light pole has over 500 Wp of FlexSol’s cylindrical solar modules. This gives it plenty of power to light the entire Besterd square with only two solar light poles. The Soluxio solar light poles have a unique modular design. Because of this, it is possible to install five cylindrical solar modules. Consequently this results in a total installed power of >500Wp for these solar lights.

The Municipality of Tilburg was looking for an easy to remove and re-install lighting solution. This is because the Besterd square is yearly used for an annual fair. As a result of this the solar light poles need to be removed temporarily. This project is a good example of how smart solar lighting can be used in a city. Also, smart solar street lighting plays an important role in cities of the future. To clarify, the Soluxio solar light columns can serve as a charging station for smartphones, laptops, electrical vehicles or bikes, while generating their own power.

Tilburg, the Netherlands

City center

10 meter

Double light fixture

500 Wp


Soluxio solar parking lot lighting. Easy to install. Easy to move.

The solar parking lot lighting which is easy to move

Installation is a matter of plug-and-play, as the Soluxio solar light poles are fully wireless. This is a big advantage for the municipality of Tilburg. It doesn’t only save money, but it also allows for temporary removal of the solar poles. So when moving the solar light poles there are no safety issues, as there is no connection to the grid. Additionally removal and re-installation takes very little time, because no external installers for the grid connection are required. As a result, the Municipality of Tilburg easily moves the solar lighting for the annual fair which is held at the square during summer. Making public space more flexible and adaptable to the needs of every city, is a great benefit of the Soluxio solar parking lot lighting.

In this case the aluminum solar street lights have a special wood look finish. The wood look makes them blend in the townscape perfectly. The municipality chose for black solar modules, because of this the complete system has a sleek and modern look.  Equipped with two Schréder light fixtures, the solar light poles provide bright and functional lighting to the parking lot. Take a look at the pictures below for a good impression on what Soluxio can do for your smart city!

Pictures of this solar parking lot lighting project

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