Soluxio solar radar speed sign on road N211

Soluxio radar speed sign

Realize your sustainability goals with speed

Solar radar speed signs are used worldwide to increase the awareness of road users’ speed. Everywhere where road safety is wished upon speed signs are used, from residential areas to dense cities. By applying radar speed signs, the overall safety of the road improves for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Mostly radar speed signs are attached to a grid-powered pole. And if the radar speed sign is installed off-grid, a rectangular solar panel powers it. This solar panel is attached to the top of the pole in order to collect solar energy.

FlexSol now offers their own aesthetic solar radar speed sign. So for this purpose the radar speed sign is attached to the Soluxio solar pole. The Soluxio solar pole is the most advanced solar solution on the market available, due to blending revolutionary solar technology with sophisticated design.

The ultramodern Soluxio solar radar speed signs are placed anywhere off grid. And they are available with or without lighting or other applications.

Quick and simple installation. (Re)moving the Soluxio Solar Radar Speed Sign is very easy.

The vertical orientation takes up little space and causes the solar panels to be self-cleaning.

Unlimited scalability and full autonomy result in unparalleled system flexibility.

Zero CO2 emission during operational life due to 100% renewable energy.

Improving safety, powered by FlexSol technology

Our unique cylindrical solar panels collect direct and indirect solar energy throughout the day, charging its high-end lithium batteries. Because of this enough energy is generated to power the speed display all day and night . As a result the radar speed sign is completely autonomous and doesn’t have to be recharged every four weeks, in contrast to traditional radar speed signs.

Next to this the Soluxio solar poles can be fitted with any number of cylindrical solar modules. In this way the solar pole is configured to meet the amount of daylight in a specific area. In for example Scandinavia, one single rectangular solar panel is not enough to power up the batteries because of the amount of sunlight hours. FlexSol’s option to mount up to 4 modules is, for this location, the perfect solution. Also our cylindrical panels are dust repellent and are self-cleaning because of the vertical shape. All this makes the FlexSol solar poles with radar speed signs the best choice anywhere in the world. And next to that, the Soluxio solar pole is super-fast and easy installed.

Connect your radar speed sign

FlexSol’s radar speed sign is compatible with every kind of speed sign. You can also connect your own desired speed sign on the FlexSol solar poles. Create your own unique radar speed sign powered by clean solar energy. There is a wide variety in types of signs and with extending features the possibilities are endless. Often chosen options for speed signs are:

  • Basic display of speed. 
  • Programmable display of speed. 
  • Speed display shown with a sign of the approved speed.

Collecting traffic data

Next to increasing the awareness of motorists the display signs can be extended with other features, like collecting traffic data. With this, the road situation becomes measurable. And registering the amount of accidents and speed offences is accessible. This collected data can be used to improve certain traffic situations and the overall traffic safety.

Soluxio solar speed display_sign_on_soluxio_lighting-pole

Endless possibilities

To increase the possibilities of our radar speed signs they can be combined and mounted on all the FlexSol solar poles and bollards. So you can combine the traffic product with solar lighting, solar wireless internet or any solar warning bollards.

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The FlexSol’s Soluxio Solar poles possibilities don’t end here! Our Soluxio solar poles can be used in many more ways. They are a mobile and autonomous electricity source that is used to power up all kind of traffic control and safety applications. Think of marine navigation, pedestrian safety applications or roundabout traffic control.

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