Soluxio design solar lights at roundabouts in Groningen

Solar innovation: design solar lights

With the Soluxio Lightstick

The possibilities with the Soluxio solar light column are truly endless. FlexSol Solutions originally developed the Soluxio as a solar streetlight. But because of the ceaseless in-house engineering and nonstop improvement of the technology, the Soluxio is applicable for many different purposes. For example, the Soluxio also works as a WiFi hotspot in Germany. And in the Cayman Islands the Soluxio provides both turtle-friendly light and WiFi.

The latest innovation is the Soluxio design solar light, also known as the “Soluxio Lightstick”. The idea of this unique solar light column initially came from Buro Hollema. 3 new roundabouts were being constructed in the Province of Groningen in the Netherlands and at these roundabouts specific lighting was desired. FlexSol then brought this lighting idea to life by creating the Soluxio Lightstick.

Groningen & Friesland, the Netherlands


Engineered & produced in-house

Any light color you prefer

Fully customizable

Completely off-grid

Soluxio solar design light poles at installation

Installing the Soluxio solar design lights. FlexSol’s team loves to assist on location whenever possible. 

Soluxio design solar lights at 5 roundabouts

In the summer of 2020, the construction of 3 roundabouts in the Province of Groningen was completed after installing 3 Soluxio Lightsticks at each roundabout. The 3 Soluxio Lightsticks have different heights and each one of them is placed at a slight angle. Consequently, this positioning forms a triangular shape and creates a special and artistic look.
Due to a very positive reception of these 3 new roundabouts, 2 new projects in the Province of Friesland have been realized at the end of 2020.

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The Soluxio solar Lightstick is a custom design, which means it offers an immens freedom in design and positioning. For instance in the Province of Groningen the Soluxio Lightsticks at each roundabout convey a unique theme. To explain, the Soluxio solar light columns at the roundabout in the village of Garmerwolde emit blue lighting. This blue light represents ‘Purification’. Secondly, at the village of Wirdum the solar light columns light up green which represent ‘Nature’. And thirdly, the roundabout at the village of Wirdum represents ‘Energy’ and this is demonstrated by the amber-colored light.

Design solar lights - Soluxio

To illustrate, the blue solar lights at the roundabout in the town of Garmerwolde at night.

Creative freedom

Because of the specific light colors and positioning, the Soluxio Lightsticks in Groningen contribute to an artistic look. However, the Soluxio Lightstick is fully customizable and can look any way you want. To explain, the integrated LED light can emit any color of choice. For example, the roundabouts in the province of Friesland all emit “normal” white light.
Next to complete freedom in choosing the light color, the columns can have different finishes and different heights. For example, in Groningen all the Soluxio Lightsticks have a specific powder coat. As a result, all the columns have a spectacular weathering steel look.

In Groningen and Friesland, 3 Soluxio light columns are installed in a slight angle. However this is just one way of positioning the Soluxio design solar light. To explain, they do not have to be installed per 3 and they can also be placed straight up, like a regular solar light column. Because of the many different ways the Soluxio Lightstick can look, it is a wonderful solution for boulevards, parks, pathways, resorts and more.

How would you like your Soluxio Lightstick to look?

Pictures of the Soluxio Lightstick in Groningen and Friesland

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