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Solar lighting system Soluxio solar light post brightens road with solar street light
Solar light post luminaire on top fitting
Soluxio solar light post Netherlands street lighting
Solar light post top armature luminaire fitting
Solar lighting system brightens night with light called Soluxio solar light post brightens building at night
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The Soluxio solar lighting product range offers revolutionary wireless lighting & connectivity systems. Soluxio integrates the most efficient photovoltaic cells in patented curved solar panel technology and exclusively uses durable aluminium columns and state-of-the-art electronics. Soluxio solar lighting products are sustainable, reliable and built to last.

No cabling = lower costs

The Soluxio solar lighting systems generate their own energy and can be governed wirelessly, making cabling obsolete. This greatly reduces cost and nuisance of installation, since trenching and invasive roadworks are no longer needed. Not only will independence of power grids eliminate connection fees, metering costs and electricity bills, it also inclines simpler management and more reliable operation. If needed, the stand-alone Soluxio products can easily be (re)moved, therefore making them the perfect solution for both long-term applications as well as temporary locations.

Smart city ready

Street lights play a key role in the future of smart cities. The advanced connectivity features of Soluxio products help to make this future a reality today. With a smart remote management system that uses the latest wireless communication technology, each Soluxio solar lighting column can be governed securely from any given location. Soluxio offers more than street lighting. It can operate as a solar powered networking platform. Smart city sensors and other IoT applications can easily be installed by accessing the hatch situated on ground level. Soluxio is ready for the future of smart cities. Are you?

Sustainable lighting

All Soluxio solar lighting systems run entirely on green electricity generated by their own unique cylindrical solar panels. This means Soluxio is entirely carbon-neutral and energy-neutral during operational life. Even the pole itself is manufactured from easily recycable aluminium. However, Soluxio is more than just a green product line. Each Soluxio pole is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and it is through this technology that we enact our company’s mission to create a better future while providing our customers with more efficient products. All our solar lighting systems make use of advanced dynamic dimming for instance, which automatically adapts to local conditions in order to minimise light pollution whilst extending product life.

Solar pole products

The Soluxio solar light post is the ideal solution in environments where no electricity network or infrastructure is available. In addition to its smart features, such as weather prediction and independent solar module operation, the Soluxio also serves as an OEM platform to which you can add your own technology. This allows the Soluxio to host a wide range of applications, such as charging mobile devices and transmitting WiFi or mobile network signals.

Soluxio - solar light post size - pole height

Soluxio Grid:

Solar street light

The Soluxio Grid solar street light offers the perfect solution to building a greener tomorrow with infrastructure of today. Due to its highly efficient solar panel modules, the Soluxio Grid feeds the power grid with solar energy. Aesthetically pleasing, CO2-neutral and cost-efficient to boot, the Soluxio Grid is the perfect addition to our current cities and streets.

Soluxio XS - solar street light

The Soluxio solar mobile access point can connect every device in the world without the need for a single wire. It can be placed anywhere. When there is no (wired) connection to the internet available, you can connect the solar mobile post with a 4G cellular mobile router and provide wireless connection to anyone, anywhere.

Soluxio connect - solar mobile network and WiFi access point

Meeting the demands of modern traffic control regulations does not have to be costly. With the NxT road safety lighting options you can regulate traffic without an upsurge in electricity costs. Particularly in more demanding locations without a power grid available such as mountain roads or water passages, NxT road safety lighting options will help prevent accidents as well as impending debts.

NxT road safety - solar road warning lights

NxT Solar Bollard:

Solar outdoor lighting

When luxury needs to be environmentally friendly, the NxT lamp post offers the ideal solution. This completely customizable outdoor lighting system will lighten up any terrain in any color, and any configuration you desire. You can move the NxT solar lamp when and wherever you deem fit. Not only will you help the environment by switching to NxT outdoor lighting, your terrain will look all the better for it.

NxT solar lamp - outdoor lighting
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