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Light-years ahead in smart solar technology

The Soluxio product range offers solar lighting and connectivity systems that are 100% solar-powered and operate independently from the power grid. Soluxio is distinctive for its cylindrical solar panels which are superior to thin film technology. To explain, all Soluxio solar modules are made of monocrystalline PV cells with a proven efficiency of over 24%.

Consequently, the combination of its unique modular design and the proprietary solar technology makes Soluxio versatile for various applications. Whether you require solar lighting, connectivity, WiFi, surveillance solutions, or more, Soluxio is the ideal choice.

Discover the reliability and proven effectiveness of Soluxio by exploring our showcased projects.

Beyond its versatility, the Soluxio also offers other benefits. For example, the Soluxio solar pole is completely customizable. Apart from standardized models, Soluxio can be configured in many different looks and feels. To explain, the solar modules come in both black and white, and the pole can be of the material and finish of your choice. This way the Soluxio solar pole blends in perfectly with any location.


Because the Soluxio solar pole provides so many benefits and features, it’s impossible to mention all of them right away. To give you a quick overview of how the Soluxio solar pole can benefit you, check out some advantages below.

  • Longest autonomy on the market: up to 30 days

  • Connected to the internet for remote monitoring, software updates and asset management

  • Instant Return on Investment (RoI)

  • Battery securely placed inside pole behind the maintenance hatch 

  • Modular design: different column heights, material and finishes

  • Use light fixtures and equipment from other manufacturers with Soluxio

  • Manufactured and tested in-house at the Netherlands, Europe

  • Plug-and-play design and no configuration needed at installation

How connectivity makes your life easier

Every Soluxio solar pole is 4G/LTE connected, enabling you to access and manage the pole remotely. This features provides numerous benefits, including simplified asset management. Through a user-friendly interface (or API), you can monitor the system’s parameters and performance from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical visits. Additionally, the connectivity allows for over-the-air updates, ensuring your system remains updated at all times.

Benefits of Soluxio’s cylindrical solar panels

Soluxio’s distinctive feature is its vertically integrated cylindrical solar panel, which is built from highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells and scratch-resistant glass. This curved design offers superior efficiency and durability compared to traditional flat panels. The cylindrical panels are not only stackable for increased power, but also resilient against high winds and naturally repel dirt. Additionally, they capture sunlight at the optimal angle regardless of installation orientation which enhances performance.

Soluxio Products

Soluxio solar-powered street lighting

The Soluxio solar light pole is the perfect solution for areas where no electrical grid or infrastructure is available. Additionally, the Soluxio light pole is luminaire-independent, meaning it can be used with light fixtures from other manufacturers. Furthermore, the pole is connected to the internet, enabling cheaper and easier asset management. This allows for remote monitoring of parameters and the overall performance of the Soluxio solar light pole.

Soluxio solar wildlife-friendly light

The Soluxio Connect offers the capability to create solar-powered WiFi hotspots. Additionally, a WiFi mesh network can be set up with the Soluxio Connect, making it ideal for outdoor and natural areas without an electrical grid available. The pole is also compatible with network equipment from other providers, offering endless possibilities.

Soluxio Lightstick solar design lights

Design lighting powered by solar energy. Thanks to the modular design and advanced technology of the Soluxio solar pole, it can also be used for other purposes. For example, the Soluxio Lightstick. This has a completely different look and feel compared to the standard Soluxio solar pole. This is partly due to the in-house designed and produced LED lighting that can emit any desired color.

Crash-friendly solar-powered Soluxio streetlights

The Soluxio Grid solar street light offers the perfect solution to building a greener tomorrow on the infrastructure of today. Due to its highly efficient solar panel modules, the Soluxio Grid feeds solar energy to the power grid. Aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient to boot, the Soluxio Grid is the perfect addition to the roads of our cities and our current highways.

Solar illuminated road sign at night

The Soluxio illuminated sign post provides sustainable illumination for signage. This not only ensures energy-neutral traffic signs, but also allows for easy installation. To explain, there is no need to dig and running cables to power the signage.

Solar-powered outdoor lighting by the NxT

When luxury needs to be environmentally friendly, the NxT lamp post offers the ideal solution. This completely customizable outdoor lighting system will lighten up any terrain in any color, and any configuration you desire. You can move the NxT solar lamp when and wherever you deem fit.

Business & project partners

The Soluxio solar pole range is invented by FlexSol. The company is the developer and producer of the solar technology. This includes advanced hardware, specialized software, beautiful solar panels and much more. However, FlexSol does not work alone. FlexSol has strong partnerships with leading companies in all industries. Think of contractors, project developers, but also landscape architects and lighting specialists.

The Soluxio solar technology is perfect for powering any appliance off-the-grid. Solar lighting is a great example, but Soluxio can do so much more. Think of solar-powered CCTV, solar WiFi, or other solar-powered sensors and actuators. Let us know why you need power, and we make it happen. Read more on projects realized by FlexSol and its strong partners. Do you also want to become a partner? Get in touch here!

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