Solar projects

Below are some of the Soluxio solar projects. The Soluxio solar technology is a proven technology which has been implemented worldwide. The Soluxio solar street lights, NxT solar bollards and Soluxio Connect solar WiFi poles are found at both off-grid and on-grid locations anywhere. From dark & cold Finland to hot & sunny Las Vegas.

Soluxio design solar lights

Solar innovation: Soluxio design solar lights The possibilities with the Soluxio solar light column are truly endless. FlexSol Solutions originally designed the Soluxio as a solar streetlight. But because [...]


Soluxio solar WiFi hotspot

Soluxio: off-grid solar WiFi hotspot In 2019, the German Free State of Bavaria (Bayern) expanded their existing WiFi network with the Soluxio Connect, a fully solar-powered WiFi hotspot. Bavaria [...]

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