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Soluxio smart management platform remote control room

Management platform

The smart solar streetlight control system

Every solar powered light posts is connected to a secure online platform. This control system grants you full control over your solar poles. Through an intuitive visual user interface, the smart management platform presents clear insights in the performance data of each individual light post. The management platform can be accessed and regulated from anywhere in the world. Because the Soluxio’s smart electronics automatically detect and report defects, reliability is made certain. Whereas maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum.


The online platform makes management easy and clear. Keep track of all your installations and configure lighting schemes for one or multiple poles. View product information, historical data, brochures, maintenance information and much more.


There is no need to go out on the streets to see if your lights are working: monitor the poles from behind your desk. The automatically generated graphs give clear insight in the performance of the separate components such as the battery, solar panel and LED light.


The smart electronics continuously monitor the performance of the light poles. It will be automatically indicated when servicing is necessary. Requesting support through the management platform is easy with a click on the button.

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