Soluxio: off-grid solar WiFi hotspot

In 2019, the German Free State of Bavaria (Bayern) expanded their existing WiFi network with the Soluxio Connect, a fully solar-powered WiFi hotspot. Bavaria wants to create a network of 20.000 WiFi hotspots in order to provide free internet access for tourists, universities and municipalities. And while they were exploring different options, they came across the Soluxio Connect. Because the Soluxio Connect is fully solar powered and doesn’t need grid connection, it turned out to be a perfect solar WiFi hotspot solution for the Klettegebiet Schönhofen in Nittendorf. As a result, the climbers and hikers in this remote area are now able to enjoy free WiFi access in the resting areas.

Also check out the Soluxio Connect in Finland.

In order to create off-grid internet access in this rocky landscape, the Soluxio Connect P440 is installed. This Soluxio has 4 solar modules which generate enough solar energy to power the 4G modem and WiFi access point. Additionally, the Ruckus access point is connected with an integrated solar-powered Power over Ethernet (PoE+) injector. As a result, the 4G modem provides an uplink to the access point, which then provides free wireless internet for visitors to enjoy on their mobile, tablet or laptop. In this case, the data for the solar WiFi hotspot is provided by Vodafone.

The state of Bavaria is incredibly pleased with the performance of the fully solar-powered WiFi hotspots. Therefore more Soluxio Connect solar poles will be installed at the end of 2020.

Bavaria, Germany

Solar WiFi hotspot

Easy transportable design

8 meter

Solar pole with 4 solar modules (>440 Wp)


Soluxio WiFi hotspot at climbing area in Germany

Use your own WiFi technology with the Soluxio

Solar-powered WiFi hotspot, customized & fully autonomous 

Within a few hours the client installed the solar WiFi hotspots by themselves, without experiencing any trouble. Additionally, the columns can split into 2 pieces of 4 meters. Consequently, this saves costs on transportation as the solar poles take up less space and are easier to transport. Also, it simplifies the installation, because when on site the client can easily assemble the solar poles.

Also, the Soluxio Connect works completely off-grid. This saves a lot of money, because you only pay the initial cost of the solar solution. From that point on, you are able to enjoy green and reliable WiFi access without further costs.

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The Ruckus access point used in Bavaria was provided by the client. You may also have specific network equipment you would like to use with the Soluxio Connect. For this reason, FlexSol customizes the Soluxio Connect to meet your needs. Also every location and application comes with specific requirements which ask for different solutions. For this reason every Soluxio Connect is completely customized to your wishes.

For example, the Soluxio Connect installed on the Cayman Islands provides both light and WiFi. All integrated in one well-designed column.

Learn more about the fully autonomous Soluxio Connect here.

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Pictures of the Soluxio Connect solar WiFi hotspot

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