Soluxio solar powered parking lot lighting

Soluxio solar-powered parking lot lights

FlexSol is the most advanced engineering company of autonomous solar-powered lighting. It provides perfect solutions which are ideal for remote and off-grid locations. But the possibilities go beyond! FlexSol’s off-grid, solar-powered Soluxio is also very suitable for applications in cities and urban environments, such as this parking lot in the city of Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

When the parking lot  was built in 2019, no lights were installed and no grid-connection was made. As this was a big disadvantage for the residents, they started looking for a suitable solution for their parking lot.

Conventional lighting solutions proved to be quite a hustle. The most common solution for this location is to connect lighting to the electrical grid, but to do this, they would have to trench electrical cables. This can be quite expensive and also has to be regulated by the city council. The other option was to tap the electricity from one of the nearby living residents, but this also requires trenching, installing an energy meter and splitting the costs with the other residents.

For these reasons a better alternative was wished upon. The Soluxio solar-powered parking lot lights proved to be the best option for this parking lot.

Roosendaal, The Netherlands

Solar-powered parking lot lighting

4 meter


Solar-powered parking lot lighting

Solar-powered parking lot lights: no trenching, no nuisance and a quick return on investment.

FlexSol’s solar-powered products are the most suitable solution, since no trenching needs to be done. When traditional cables have to trenched, it can cause days of nuisance for the residents. In addition, the residents would not be able to use the parking lot. The Soluxio solar-powered parking lot lights were installed in a couple of hours, and cars could stay parked throughout the process!

Soluxio is the most durable solar pole on the market. Soluxio is designed as an integrated systems by FlexSol’s in-house engineering department. Only high-quality materials and top suppliers are used for the production of the solar light pole. In this way, FlexSol can ensure that the Soluxio solar-powered parking lot lights will have unbeatable longevity and a superior quality. The neighbourhood therefore now has an illuminated parking lot for many years to come.

In Roosendaal, Soluxio P110 A4 parking lot lighting poles are installed. These solar-powered parking lot lights provide year-round lighting for this parking. The solar poles each have one cylindrical solar module with an efficiency of over 23% and more than 110 Wp. The tubular solar modules catch sunlight from every direction, even in cloudy weather. Next to this, the design of the durable 4 meter pole is such that the solar modules rises above the surrounding gardens and fences. Giving it access to our most valued, inexhaustible power source, the sun!

Pictures of the solar-powered parking lot lighting in Roosendaal

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