Soluxio solar light post at roundabout in Holland

Soluxio: solar light post

The fully autonomous solar-powered street light

The Soluxio solar light post is the most advanced and climate-friendly solution in areas without a power grid or other lighting infrastructure.
By using vertically integrated solar modules and leading solar technology, the Soluxio light post provides light wherever you need it. Forget invasive trenching and running costly wire, because the Soluxio works completely off-grid and does not need to connect to the power grid.

Besides being fully self-sufficient, the Soluxio light post offers many more benefits. For example, the Soluxio is light fixture independent which means it is compatible with any luminaire. This is a huge benefit, because if your project requires a specific luminaire, this luminaire can easily be equipped with the Soluxio.

Also you can add 2 light fixtures on one Soluxio light post, like for example at this shopping mall parking lot. In case of wildlife and nocturnal animals present, you may want to use specific turtle-friendly lighting. Check out the Soluxio solar wildlife-friendly lighting edition.

In addition to selecting your own lighting, you also have the freedom to pick and choose other key parameters. Such as the column material, number of solar modules and column finish. With this in mind you can configure a solar light pole which meets the needs of your location and application. Read more about creating your own Soluxio below.

Simply add features like WiFi, USB, CCTV or sensors to the solar light pole

Light fixture independent

Easy asset management due to remote connectivity

Easy asset management

Another benefit of the Soluxio light pole is the wireless connectivity. Every Soluxio solar pole connects to an exclusive and secure online platform. As a result, you can manage the performance of your Soluxio light pole remotely. With the user-friendly visual interface you are able to keep track of  all system parameters and (historical) data. Consequently, you are always in control of your asset and you keep maintenance and operational costs to a minimum.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Due to the remote connectivity of the Soluxio light poles, software updates are continually available. With this, your Soluxio light posts are never outdated and are continuously improving.
Soluxio’s design and technology also make easy implementation of other features possible. For example, features such as WiFi hotspots, USB charging points, cameras, air quality sensors, weather stations and more can easily be connected to the Soluxio light pole.

Customize your own Soluxio solar light post

The Soluxio’s modular design allows you to configure the light pole to your specific application and location. By optimizing the key system parameters and by choosing the design options you prefer, the Soluxio light post becomes the ideal solar solution for anyone, anywhere.

Choose the height of the column. FlexSol offers the Soluxio light post between 3 meters (10 feet) and 8 meters (26 feet). The amount of cylindrical solar modules is variable accordingly.

Choose the column material your project requires. For instance the column of the Soluxio can be aluminum, steel or wooden. Also, different colors and finishes of the columns are possible. For example, anodizing and powder coating in various colors are all possible options.
Additionally, the solar modules are available in black and white. As a result, you can choose if you would like to have the solar cells visible or not. To explain, the solar cells are black. When the entire solar module is black, the solar cells become less distinguishable.

The Soluxio solar light pole is light fixture independent. This is the result of FlexSol’s in-house developed LED driver. By using this LED driver every light fixture is compatible with the Soluxio solar light post.

The Soluxio light post is also available with a passive safety column. This crash-friendly column with 100NE3 rating has a shear-off construction, which contributes to the safety of road users. Learn more about the Soluxio solar passive safety column here.

Different locations and different soil types require different foundations. Fortunately the Soluxio offers various options. For instance the Soluxio can be placed by direct burial, but also a base plate is possible for installation.

Benefits and features of the solar technology

All things considered, the Soluxio solar light post is more than just solar-powered lighting. Due to the clever solar technology it is, for example, also deployable as a remote WiFi hotspot or as a solar radar speed sign.
Learn more about all the benefits and features here or make an inquiry below.

  • Cheaper than conventional street lighting. Low total cost of ownership (TCO) because of remote management, no grid-connection (no cabling and invasive roadworks) and hardly any maintenance.

  • Due to the plug-and-play design, the Soluxio light post is quickly installed. Check out this short installation video here.

  • The solar technology, including the Soluxio Control Unit and lithium battery, is safely and securely placed inside the column.

  • FlexSol exclusively uses lithium batteries and not lead batteries. To explain, lithium batteries are globally used in electric cars, laptops and cell phones. And they are highly reliable and have a longer lifespan. Learn more about the difference between lithium and lead batteries here.

  • Maintenance free, because dust, dirt and snow can not stick to the smooth and cylindrical design of the Soluxio.


To order your Soluxio solar light post or to learn more about the possibilities, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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