Soluxio solar illuminated road sign Rotterdam City Center

The Soluxio solar powered road sign at a prime location in Rotterdam

At a prime location in Rotterdam (Holland’s second largest city) this unique Soluxio solar powered road sign is installed. The signs start to illuminate after sunset by using solar energy. As a result, this Soluxio solar pole provides clear directional information to drivers, both day and night. After installation in Rotterdam, this Soluxio is also placed in other cities, like Breda and Rossum.

In Rotterdam, the Soluxio is placed in the city center right in front of the Central Station and other monumental buildings. Another interesting thing about this location is the tunnel right underneath the Soluxio. Because of the tunnel construction, it is difficult and costly to place underground wiring. As a result, the Soluxio is ideal for this location, because it does not need a grid connection.

Rotterdam, Holland

Solar powered road sign


No grid connection

Innovative LED technology

Better visibility for drivers

Solar powered road sign at Rotterdam's Central Station

The Soluxio in front of Rotterdam’s Central Station.

Different sign options with the innovative LED technology

In collaboration with Valmont Industries Inc., INNOV8 and the National Road Signage Institute, the first Soluxio solar road sign was placed in Rotterdam. This specific Soluxio has 2 illuminated signs. However, due to the modular design of the Soluxio it is possible to equip more signs to the Soluxio and to place them at various heights. In this case the signs provide directional information. However any sign is possible with the Soluxio. For example, warning signs or destination distance signs. Whatever your location requires.

For the illuminated signs a revolutionary technology is used. To explain, an innovative LED technology makes sure the light is dispersed in the most perfect way. Apart from this advanced light distribution, the signs are also more energy efficient due to the use of this advanced LED technology.

Pictures of the Soluxio solar powered road sign

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