Soluxio solar marine lighting at harbor with WiFi and turtle-friendly lighting

Solar marina lighting and WiFi in one off-grid column

What if there is an off-grid solar column that provides both light and WiFi? With this in mind, FlexSol configured these Soluxio Connect solar poles for a big internet service provider in the Caribbean. In short, the fully solar-powered communication poles provide turtle-friendly light and at the same time work as WiFi range extenders.

In the Cayman Islands, our client explored and tested different solutions to offer WiFi and lighting at off-grid locations. Every solution failed, until the client discovered the Soluxio Connect. Therefore the Soluxio Connect solar communication poles are now operating successfully at different coastal locations in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands

Solar WiFi

FSA 04

3 solar modules

Light fixture at 12 feet


Marina lighting with WiFi

Solar WiFi range extender

As shown above, these Soluxio Connect solar poles provide both turtly-friendly lighting and they serve as a WiFi range extender. In order to realize the WiFi range extender, an access point is placed on top of the solar columns. This access point (AP) connects with a fully integrated Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE+) which is optimized by FlexSol.

In this case the access point is from Aruba Networking. However using an AP from other suppliers is also possible, because the Soluxio works perfectly with different network equipment. For instance, all the Soluxio Connect solar poles in Bavaria, Germany have an access point which was pre-configured by the client.

Solar marine lighting with solar WiFi

Eco-friendly solar marina lighting

In order to make these Soluxio Connects eco and turtle friendly, the light fixture is placed below the 3 cylindrical solar modules. Normally the light fixture would be above the solar modules, at the top of the column. But by mounting the light lower, the light is at the maximum height of 12 feet. This is necessary to avoid light trespass which confuses wildlife.

Also, the LED light fixtures emit amber-colored lighting caused by longer wavelengths. This light is less disruptive for nocturnal animals in comparison to regular white light.
All of this helps to avoid as much disturbance as possible to sea turtles and it helps to protect the lives of nocturnal animals.

Foundation types

As can be seen on the pictures, these Soluxio Connect solar poles are on coastal boardwalks. This is possible because the Soluxio can be installed in different ways and with different installation foundations. In this situation the columns have a flange plate which makes them perfect for these Caribbean boardwalks.

Soluxio Connect: fully customized

Surely every location has different conditions and every communication application has different requirements. For this reason FlexSol fully customizes each Soluxio Connect solar communication column to match your location and the requested application.

Pictures of the Soluxio Connect in the Cayman Islands

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