Soluxio solar lighting for public parking lot

Solar lighting for public parking lots

At a public parking lot in the city of Maastricht, the Netherlands, these Soluxio P330D solar light poles are installed. The public parking lot is part of a brand-new shopping center, which features multiple home improvement and home furnishing stores. The Soluxio P330D offers an excellent solution for this location. Because it provides perfect solar lighting for public parking lots. Also, it offers the right look and feel necessary to welcome the clients of the shops.

Because lighting for parking spaces is important, this Soluxio features not 1, but 2 light fixtures. In this case the light fixtures are from Siteco. Consequently using 2 light fixtures leads to a better and much nicer light spread. Resulting in plenty of light for the parking lot.
These Soluxio solar light columns are 6 meters tall and made of aluminum. However the Soluxio is also available with a wooden or steel column, depending on your preference.

Maastricht , The Netherlands

Solar lighting for public parking lot

6 meter

3 round solar modules, >330 Wp

2x Siteco luminaire 


Modular design to meet your solar lighting needs

Also these Soluxio solar poles are equipped with 3 solar modules. The solar modules are designed, developed and produced by our engineering and design teams at our headquarter in the Netherlands. Because we value your project needs the Soluxio has a modular design. This means it can be customized to your requirements.

Due to its modular design, different column materials, different column finishes and different applications, the Soluxio solar pole offers the perfect and most advanced solar solution for any project. And not just in countries with plenty of sunlight, for example the Soluxio is also working perfectly in countries with less sunlight such as in Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.

Pictures of the Soluxio solar lighting for public parking lot

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