Eco friendly lighting at bike path in Dutch neighbourhood

Soluxio eco-friendly lighting for bike path

This Soluxio eco-friendly lighting in the municipality of Katwijk has received so much positive feedback that more Soluxio solar poles are being installed in this Dutch city. In 2018 the “Duinvallei”, an unused area of land was being redeveloped. And because Katwijk is a very innovative city, they wanted to use this area for different renewable projects. So in addition to the Soluxio solar eco-friendly lighting, the area also includes Tiny Houses, beehives, and other sustainable ideas.
Despite the past cloudy winters and little amount of sunlight, the Soluxio solar lights have performed excellently and maintenance free .

This performance is being monitored in FlexSol’s managing platform. Because this platform provides so many benefits, Katwijk is going to connect their own asset management system with FlexSol’s monitoring platform. By clear visuals and useful data you can watch your asset remotely. It is therefore no longer necessary to hit the road and check the Soluxio solar poles on site. Unquestionably this is not only convenient and user-friendly, but also very cost efficient.

Also check out other benefits and features of the Soluxio solar technology here.

Katwijk, The Netherlands

Eco-friendly solar lighting for bike path

6 meter

Innolumis Mini Nicole luminaire


Soluxio solar eco-friendly light pole for circular economy

Solar innovation, built to last

The Soluxio eco-friendly light poles are providing light for a bike path in the “Duinvallei”. Because the Soluxio solar poles are completely solar powered, they do not need a connection with the power grid. This makes them super easy to install. Also, it also makes them less invasive for the natural habitat of the area, because running costly wire in the ground is no longer necessary.
Furthermore, the use of recyclable materials makes the Soluxio very sustainable. For example, the columns are cradle-to-cradle (C2C) certified and are a 100% recyclable. This contributes to a more circular economy. Another key point, when the Soluxio eco-friendly lights are no longer needed at the location, they can easily be moved and deployed elsewhere.

Not only are the Soluxio solar light poles sustainable, but they are also very reliable. This reliable performance is the result of the cylindrical solar modules, the dedicated hardware and the high-end solar technology. For example, one of the benefits of the cylindrical solar modules is that they are much more wind and storm resistant in comparison with flat solar panels. Another key point is the use of lithium batteries. Compared to lead batteries, lithium batteries have a longer service life and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Read everything about lead versus lithium batteries here.

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Pictures of the Soluxio eco friendly lighting

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