Soluxio hybrid solar light at sunset

Hybrid solar lights at energy-neutral roundabout

The Municipality of Veldhoven was looking for an energy-neutral way to light-up the roundabouts at the Zilverbaan, near Eindhoven (the Netherlands). The perfect solution for this location are the 10-meter tall smart hybrid solar light poles. Each with four Soluxio cylindrical solar modules. These Soluxio smart solar lights have an exclusive design, because the cylindrical solar modules are installed above the two light fixtures. The solar energy is stored in the high-end lithium batteries. Both the lithium batteries and the electronics are placed inside the column. The hybrid Soluxio solar streetlights are equipped with not one, but two Philips led light fixtures. With this solar-powered light is provided to a bicycle path on one side and to a road on the other side of the roundabout.

During wintertime specific light levels need to be met. Because of this, the Municipality of Veldhoven chose for the hybrid option of the Soluxio solar lighting. The surplus of energy generated during summertime is fed into the grid. During wintertime, energy from the grid is used in periods of cloudy and rainy weather. Resulting in an energy neutral solution for this roundabout.

The hybrid solar-powered lights at the roundabout are custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of the municipality. Also additional options like a passive safety column or a wood finish are possible with the Soluxio exclusive solar lights. Together with our world-class partners, FlexSol’s solar technology engineering department can provide the highest-quality and most durable solar street light solution that fits your project best. Choose your own light fixture, choose your own type of column, your own finishing of the column, the color of the solar modules, the foundation type and the light fixture.

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Veldhoven, the Netherlands


Solar-powered light poles

10 meter



Images of this hybrid solar street light project

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