Soluxio solar powered monument lighting with spotlight

Soluxio: Solar pathway lights in Vianen

FlexSol’s solar pathway lights are now illuminating the walkways for pedestrians in the town of Vianen. In order to improve the accessibility to the fortified city center a pedestrian bridge together with a Soluxio solar pathway light are placed. As the Soluxio solar pathway light operates completely off-grid, no electric cables are needed. For this reason installing the Soluxio solar light is done in the blink of an eye.

Placed just outside the ancient city wall, this Soluxio solar pathway light serves as a beautiful and sustainable light source.

For the purpose of matching the solar pathway light with the surrounding street lighting, the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden (Vianen is part of this municipality) choose a Schréder ISLA LED luminaire. As a result, the Soluxio solar pathway light fits perfectly and matches with the other street and pathway lighting in town.

Apart from its plug-and-play design and leading solar technology, the Soluxio is designed in such a way that any light fixture is compatible. If you want to a different light fixture for your Soluxio pathway light, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Vianen, The Netherlands

Solar pathway lighting

Schréder ISLA LED luminaire

4 meter

Solar pole with 1 solar modules (>110Wp)


soluxio solar pathway lighting vianen spring

Solar pathway lighting, beautiful and durable for years to come

This particular solar pathway light consists out of a blank anodized aluminum column and is 4 meters tall. On the durable column one Soluxio solar module, made of FlexSol’s patented curved technology, is placed. The mono-crystalline silicon pv cells, with a proven efficiency of over 24%, will generate more than enough solar energy for the pathway light to function perfectly. Inside the pole you can find a high capacity lithium battery, FlexSol only works with the most long-lasting and reliable lithium batteries in the world. Consequently the Soluxio solar pathway light brings light even when the weather is cloudy, rainy and dark.

These Soluxio solar pathway lights are ideal around monumental structures like this city wall in Vianen. No cabling means no digging.  And digging and trenching can always cause unforeseen problems around vulnerable structures. Going off-grid with the Soluxio solar pathway lighting is the best solution for many situations and locations!

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Pictures of the Soluxio solar pathway light in Vianen

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