Grid connected solar street light

Solar street lights, connected to the grid.

The solar light poles in this project light up the most innovative and sustainable road in the Netherlands. The solar light poles in this project are grid-connected, which means that the renewable solar energy that is generated by the cylindrical solar modules is fed back into the grid. The light pole feeds energy into the electricity grid during daytime and withdraws it again during the night to light the road.

The installed Soluxio light poles have one more interesting feature: the solar light poles are the first crash-friendly solar light poles in the world, with a 100NE3 rating. These poles are manufactured by our world-class partner Nedal. The crash-friendly design results in a reduced chance of injuries after a collision with the light pole.

The Hague, The Netherlands

National road


10 meter



Soluxio solar street lighting

The most sustainable road

A total of 22 innovations were applied during the renovation of the N211, which have resulted in the first CO2-negative road. In total, 13.000 ton of CO2 will be saved. Examples of applied innovations are a ground-coupled heat exchanger, bamboo signage, tiles made from geopolymers, environmental-friendly asphalt, and of course the Soluxio solar modules. All these innovations combined make the N211 the most sustainable road in the Netherlands.

According to the Province of South-Holland, this project sets the new standard for all future roads in the county, with the ambitious goal to be entirely carbon-neutral by 2050 as far as mobility concerns. We believe that energy neutral lighting will play a key role in realising this ambition, and hope to contribute to achieving these goals for many years to come!

Images of this grid-connected solar street light project