The Soluxio product range offers revolutionary stand-alone lighting & connectivity systems. Soluxio products are composed of patented curved solar panel technology, durable aluminium columns and state-of-the-art electronics. Soluxio products are sustainable, reliable and made to last.

No cabling = lower costs

The Soluxio solar powered products generate their own energy and can be governed wirelessly, making cabling obsolete. This greatly reduces cost and nuisance of installation, since trenching and invasive roadworks are no longer needed. Not only will independence of power grids eliminate  connection fees, metering costs and electricity bills, it also inclines simpler management more reliable operation. If needed, the stand-alone Soluxio products can easily be (re)moved, therefore making them the perfect solution for both long-term applications as well as temporary locations.

Smart city ready

The Soluxio products feature advanced connectivity. A smart remote management system combined with the latest wireless communication technology allows the Soluxio solar lighting column to be governed securely from any given location. This transforms the Soluxio solar street light into a smart solar powered networking platform to which many sensors, other IoT and smart city applications can be attached. Soluxio is ready for the future of smart cities. Are you?

Sustainable lighting

All Soluxio systems run entirely on green electricity generated by their own unique cylindrical solar panels. This means 0% emission during operational life. Even the pole itself is manufactured from easily recycable aluminium. But Soluxio is signified by state-of-the-art technology, and it is through this technology that we enact our company’s mission to create a better future while providing our customers with more efficient products. All our lighting systems make use of advanced dynamic dimming, which automatically adapts to local conditions in order to minimise light pollution whilst extending product life.