Lighting in public places increases safety. But what if no electricity network is present? The Soluxio solar powered lighting column is the solution in areas where there is no grid or other lighting infrastructure available. This high-tech, autonomous stand-alone solar light pole charges itself by making use of highly efficient integrated cylindrical solar panels. Even in case of cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight, the Soluxio solar street light generates the desired amount of energy.

No cabling

Because the Soluxio solar powered street light generates its own energy and can be monitored and controlled wirelessly, cabling becomes obsolete. This greatly reduces both cost and nuisance of installation, since trenching and invasive roadworks are not needed anymore. No grid connection means no connection fees, metering costs or electricity bills. Independence of the grid makes management simpler and operation more reliable. Since every Soluxio solar street light functions independent of the others, blackouts cannot occur.

Advanced connectivity

The Soluxio solar street light features the most advanced remote management system out there. The latest wireless communication technology allows the Soluxio to be monitored and managed securely from any given location. This transforms the Soluxio into a smart solar powered antenna to which many sensors or other smart city applications can be attached. The Soluxio is smart city ready. Are you?

Sustainable lighting

The Soluxio runs for 100% on green electricity generated by its own unique cylindrical solar panels. This means zero emission during operational life. The modular design of the Soluxio maximises serviceability and repairability, and easily recyclable materials like aluminium and glass are used for the construction of the pole. Advanced dynamic dimming that automatically adapts to local conditions minimises light pollution whilst extending product life.