Soluxio Connect solar wifi

Solar WiFi service for Bomarsund fortress visitors

With the Soluxio Connect solar WiFi pole, it becomes possible to set up a WiFi network anywhere. This project is executed in the autonomous region of Åland (Finland), and provides free WiFi for the visitors of the Bomarsund fortress. Russia started building the Bomarsund fortress in 1830 after the Finnish War with Sweden. Construction work took place for 24 years at Bomarsund, but it was never finished. Fortunately setting up a safe and secure WiFi-network with the Soluxio Connect solar pole takes only 45 minutes.

The Soluxio Connect can be pre-equipped with WiFi devices, but you can also connect your own. Also setting up a network can be done in several ways. For example it is possible to set up a WiFi network with a 4G/5G-connection. Furthermore it can be set up by connecting it to a fibre-optic or ethernet cable. Or it can extend an already existing WiFi network.

Bomarsund, Åland, Finland

Solar WiFi

Installation time: <45 minutes

>330 Wp

Service for fortress visitors


Soluxio Connect solar WiFi pole at nature reserve

Solar WiFi, anywhere

FlexSol’s high-tech solar technology powers the integrated WiFi equipment. Consequently this eliminates the need for a grid connection. Also running expensive wiring is no longer necessary. All of this makes the Soluxio WiFi column a very renewable and les-invasive solution.
Furthermore FlexSol’s top-notch solar technology combined with the smart machine learning algorithms guarantee a year-round top performance.

Unquestionably every location and situation has specific needs, therefore the Soluxio Connect is customized to meet your requirements. So don’t hesitate to let us know what your needs and wishes are. And we will make sure to create the most perfect and reliable solar solution for you.
Also check out the Soluxio Connect in Bavaria, Germany. Or learn all about FlexSol’s solar technology here.

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