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Soluxio: Off-grid Solar WiFi hotspot

In 2020, the German state of Bayern expanded their already existing WiFi hotspot area thanks to our Soluxio Connect, with fully solar WiFi hotspot. Due to the remote location of the project there was a need for a fully off-grid solution to enable this solar WiFi hotspot. With this in mind, FlexSol was able to find the perfect solution thanks to our fully autonomous solar poles equipped with 4G antenna and WiFi access point, all integrated in a single elegant solar column.

Because of the remote location of the project, a climbing terrain in the forest in the state of Bayern, the client was looking for an off-grid solution for such powerful solar WiFi hotspot. FlexSol offers the best solution because the Soluxio Connect with solar WiFi hotspot can function fully off-grid, which means no underground cabling is needed at all. Specifically in an area such as in Bayern, off-grid power supply is a huge advantage and saves a lot of time and money. Our solar poles are designed to install in under an hour, plug it in, and the Soluxio will employ your WiFi hotspot!

Bayern, Germany

Solar WiFi hotspot

Partible design for easy transport

8 meter

Solar pole with 4 solar modules (>440 Wp)


installation of the soluxio connect in bayern

State Bayern installing their Soluxio Connect: solar WiFi hotspot

Solar-powered WiFi, customized & fully autonomous hotspot

The climbers and hikers in this area can now enjoy free, wireless internet via the platform of Bayern.To realize this, a powerful hotspot was important. For this reason, the client choose 4 modules on a 8 meters high blank aluminum column. These cylindrical solar modules with a white backsheet, made of mono-crystalline solar cells, work as individual power blocks and generate enough to power up the large 4G antenna installed on the pole. The 4G antenna then provides internet to the access point of the WiFi hotspot, which then emits free WiFi  for visitors to enjoy on their mobile, tablet or laptop.

FlexSol has equipped the pole with a 4G antenna and access point, the state of Bayern then installed their own Ruckus WiFi hotspot that is connected to their own platform without any problem. In addition, we designed a custom made bracket for the equipment to be installed to.

FlexSol can design your solar pole just to your tailored needs and wishes. Would you like to have more info about customized solar poles or do you have inquiry about customized poles? get in touch here!

Within a few hours, the client installed the WiFi-hotspot pole themselves, and  experienced no trouble at all while doing so. To save costs on transport and to simplify the installation, we have delivered a pole that you can split into two parts during transport, so it will take less space.  When on site, the client can easily reassemble the pole and install it without a problem.

Hopefully this customized pole with a solar WiFi hotspot is the first of many in the state of Bayern. In short, with the Soluxio Connect with customized WiFi hotspot, the state of Bayern can now realize free WiFi for their visitors in the remotest places and expand their free WiFi terrain.

Learn more about the fully autonomous Soluxio Connect here.

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Pictures of the Soluxio Connect solar WiFi hotspot

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