Soluxio solar pathway lighting during night with view on smart city Las Vegas

Solar pathway lighting in a gated community in the USA

This exclusive gated community is located in the hills of the Las Vegas Valley. The rocky ground in this area makes it difficult to trench standard electric wires. Because of this, the client chose the Soluxio solar pathway lighting. The Soluxio solar streetlights are easy to install, because they operate fully wireless. So cutting concrete or invasive trenching is not necessary. And installation takes only 45 minutes due to its plug-and-play design.
Design regulation of the gated community calls for all constructions, like the buildings, the houses and street furniture, to blend into the surroundings. For this reason these Soluxio solar pathway lights are fully black, which makes them less exposed in the environment. And due to its elegant design they fit perfectly in the luxurious surroundings.
The Soluxio solar pathway lighting is completely autonomous and will save you money on trenching and your electricity bill. Consequently this will result in a quick Return on Investment.

Also, taxpayers in the United States are able to claim a tax credit up to 30% by using the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This federal tax incentive, also known as the solar tax credit, allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of the solar installation from your federal taxes. Furthermore, this tax credit applies to both businesses and individuals. And there is no maximum amount that can be claimed for solar systems.
Next to the ITC various tax rebates and incentives are offered for solar technology. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) provides a comprehensive list of solar incentives categorized by state. Read more about these incentives here.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Gated community

5 meter

Elegant full-black design

Returning customer


Pictures of this solar pathway lighting project

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