Soluxio solar landscape lighting in park with bench and a view

Green solar landscape lighting for park lighting

The Municipality of the Hoeksche Waard was looking for stylish solar landscape lighting to install next to a bench, in a small park. Installing conventional street lighting is too expensive, as the existing pavement needs to be removed. The Soluxio solar lighting columns are completely wireless and operate fully autonomously. Because of this, invasive trenching and expensive cabling are things of the past. For this reason the Soluxio solar landscape lighting is the perfect lighting solution. All electronics, including batteries, are integrated inside the column. So this eliminates the need for an underground foundation. Also installing the Soluxio solar lights takes only 45 minutes due to its plug-and-play design. Consequently this reduces installation costs and results into a quick Return on Investment. Furthermore the Soluxio solar light columns connect to the Internet and can therefore be remotely monitored. This results into pro-active maintenance and easy asset management.

The Soluxio solar light pole emits zero CO2, so it is a very sustainable and green lighting solution. You can choose a light fixture of your preference. In this case, a Philips light fixture provides solar-powered light. Furthermore, the Soluxio solar lighting is a modular system, so the amount of cylindrical solar modules can be adjusted according to your needs.

Are you also looking for exclusive solar landscape lighting for your project? The Soluxio solar streetlight meets your needs due to different configuration possibilities. Find out more about the various design possibilities here, or contact us here!

A short video, by FlexSol and the Province of South Holland, about the installation of this off-grid Soluxio solar light post is worth watching. See the video here.

Hoeksche Waard, the Netherlands


5 meter

Philips luminaire

No cables necessary


Images of this solar landscape lighting project

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