Soluxio solar parking lot lights near vending machines

Smart solar parking lot lights for increased safety

The Soluxio smart solar parking lot lights bring safety and security to the parking area at the Weeskinderendijk in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Lighting is necessary to illuminate the vending machines and to provide safety for the parking lot visitors. Because removing the existing pavement and invasive trenching are too expensive, the Soluxio solar street lights are the ideal solution for this location. Apart from lighting, the Soluxio solar technology can also be used to provide solar-powered connectivity and surveillance solutions to your location.

Three cylindrical solar modules power the smart solar parking lot light. And with smart data analysis it’s possible to predict performance for any location worldwide. This results into satisfied and happy clients all around the globe. Besides this, the modular design of the Soluxio makes it possible to configure an optimal solution for your project. With a wide choice of customization possibilities, the Soluxio solar technology is the best fit for your solar parking lot light project.

Solar parking lot lights

6 meter

Dordrecht, the Netherlands

>330 Wp

Lights for safety at vending machines


Plug-and-play Soluxio solar parking lot lights.

Solar parking lot lights: easy installation

Installation of the solar parking lot lights is very easy. Simply dig a hole, place the column and install the solar technology. This all can be done in less than 45 minutes. Good thing is, you don’t need to close your parking lot for trenching standard electric wires. So this will cut down the costs of installation to a bare minimum. Also it saves you time and effort and moreover, it results in a quick Return on Investment. The proven Soluxio solar technology, which is also used in the Soluxio solar WiFi poles, makes the Soluxio solar parking lot lights the most reliable choice for your parking area.

The Soluxio solar lights are fully wireless, and installing the Soluxio solar technology is simply a matter of plug-and-play. This can be done by anyone, anywhere. After installation, the Soluxio solar light column starts working automatically. Also, the solar-powered lights turn automatically on and off at sunrise and sunset. Besides this, configuration isn’t necessary, because the Soluxio solar parking lot lights know when to turn on due to integrated GPS and smart Seasonal Dynamic Dimming. Furthermore a GSM and a LTE connectivity make remote asset management possible. This also results in advanced connectivity which gives you access to the latest over-the-air-updates.

Pictures of this solar parking lot lights project

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