Soluxio solar powered monument lighting with spotlight

Smart solar lighting on tech campus

Soluxio smart solar lights cast light on the IoT Living Lab of Fujitsu Network Communications in Texas, USA. Fujitsu is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for network operators, service providers and content providers worldwide, designing, integrating, and deploying IoT network and communication solutions for governments and cities. 

With Fujitsu’s state-of-the-art online platform, authorities can use smart city applications to monitor their city’s streets. Fujitsu integrates its own technology with FlexSol’s smart solar technology. Resulting in a completely autonomous smart solution making use of off-grid solar light poles that are easily connected to Fujitsu’s online platform.

These solar poles are truly smart city ready, featuring advanced connectivity, solar technology, smart LED lighting and CCTV.

The 100% energy-neutral lighting poles are in placed at the Fujitsu’s Living Lab, where Fujitsu tests and showcases smart IoT solutions. For this project, Soluxio P220 A5 solar poles were installed. The 5 meter columns are each equipped with 2 cylindrical solar panels to provide sufficient energy for the Greenstar LED smart light fixtures, security cameras and environmental sensors. Additionally the smart electronics include a PoE+ injector, which is used in this case to power the security cameras. This Soluxio smart solar lighting is a real-life example of how radical new designs improve the livability of cities and towns!

Texas, USA

5 meter

2 solar modules

Greenstar LED

WiFi-enabled CCTV


Smart connected lighting

In addition to recognized expertise in curved solar technology for solar street lights, FlexSol specializes in different communication technologies, including as GSM and Wi-Fi.  Fujitsu specifically chose for Soluxio technology for their portfolio of advanced technology, efficient off-grid solar systems and smart software. Connecting the solar poles to an online platform is simplified through the use of APIs , meaning Fujitsu can quickly integrate Soluxio solar lighting poles with their own platform. These advanced monitoring functionalities make it easy to manage and monitor installations worldwide.

Soluxio smart lighting is just the beginning of the developments of smart cities and IoT applications. Municipalities can enhance public safety by installing more environmental sensors, security and traffic cameras and gunshot detectors. Citizens’ quality of life can be improved by providing charging points and extending public Wi-Fi or cellular connection – all charged by our Soluxio solar poles with sufficient energy storage. Smart solar lighting is a big step in making cities smarter and safer. Do you want to see the whole city connected? Click here to make the first steps towards a real connected city.

Pictures of this smart solar lighting pole project

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