Soluxio solar powered monument lighting with spotlight

Industrial solar light at petrochemical company

Lighting fulfills a wide range of different functions and purposes in the industry sector. Because of this it is indispensable for the industry and its work environment. Light makes you see better and more clearly, work more effectively and efficiently, eliminates errors, and most of all, improves safety. For this reason FlexSol was asked by a major oil and gas company to find a suitable industrial solar lighting solution for the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Every week, cargo ships enter the Port of Rotterdam to load and unload tons of materials and products. Safety is key during the loading and unloading process. And rain, slippery decks, wind and snow are hard to deal with when working at industrial areas. So to let this process take place smoothly and safely, industrial lighting is of primary necessity to prevent hidden hazards and accidents.

Before the installation of FlexSol’s industrial solar light, this dock used a conventional streetlight that would burn throughout the night. Due to a break in the electricity cable, the petrochemical industrial company was obligated to either trench a new cable in the ground, or to search for a new, alternative solution. Installing an off-grid solar light proved to be the best solution for this project. Meanwhile an immediate return on investment was created and large costs were saved.

Since the ships only occasionally moor a few times a week, there is no need for the light to illuminate every night. Only when a skipper sets foot on land, light is needed for the unloading of cargo.  As a result the Soluxio solar light pole only lights up when needed. Because of a motion sensor integrated in the light post, the solar light turns on and off automatically. As a result of this smart LED lighting management, the energy consumption is cut majorly compared to conventional lighting.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

8 meters

3 solar modules

Philips LED luminaire

Motion sensor


industrial solar light post

Industrial solar light: low energy consumption, low maintenance & highly reliable

The Soluxio solar light pole is perfect for illuminating industrial perimeters. Light alone is great for industries, it boosts your productivity, it makes you better at identifying hazards and it is overall better for your employees mental health.

FlexSol’s industrial solar light is much more than just stand-alone lighting. For industries and companies, reliability is a key factor in choosing suited lighting. Reliability is also a key factor in the design of the Soluxio. The Soluxio industrial solar light makes sure that the area is illuminated well, and provides sufficient light when needed. Thanks to the curved solar panels which are integrated in the pole, the Soluxio charges its batteries every moment of the day, independent of which angle the sun shines.

The vertical character of the modules also makes them dirt repellent and self- cleaning. Snow, sand, and other dirt will not stick to the smooth vertical surface of the solar modules. Therefore maintenance is not needed.

That brings us to the next benefit of the Soluxio solar pole used in the industry. To do maintenance on appliances at industrial areas, you often have to deal with a lot of procedures, which makes it complicated and time-consuming.

Soluxio is made with high quality materials only. The high-efficiency solar modules and in-house manufactured electronics provide you with the lowest maintenance solar light pole on the market. Next to that, the Soluxio is remotely monitor-able through our online platform. This makes FlexSol’s Soluxio truly the perfect lighting solution for the industrial area.

Pictures of this industrial solar lighting

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