Solar powered monument lighting at sunset

Solar-powered monument lighting

This unique solar-powered monument lighting installation lights up the “Eiserne Kreuz” (the iron cross) in Iserlohn, Germany. The monument is a tribute to the people who fell during the Napoleonic Wars (1810-1815) and German Campaign of 1813 (Befreiungskriege), and dates back to 1816. The 100% solar-powered spotlight is used for focused lighting at the monument and provides well-defined light that accentuates the historical monument.

The monument is located at a slope nearby the town of Iserlohn. Using solar light poles therefore proved to be ideal for this mountainous off-grid environment. Installation is easy, since no cables had to be trenched. This resulted in an instant return on investment. Furthermore, Soluxio solar technology needs no configuration and can be used instantly.

Iserlohn, Germany

Solar monument lighting

5 meter

Instant return on investment

We-Ef spotlight luminaire


Solar powered monument lighting with optimized light fixture

Beautiful solar-powered monumental lighting with latest solar technology

We-Ef spotlights light up the the monument in Iserlohn. The unique solar LED driver makes it possible to power virtually any type of luminaire. Soluxio is therefore truly light fixture independent. This makes it possible to choose the lamp that is best suited for your monument lighting. Go for a spotlight, ground spots, regular luminaires, double luminaires, or a combination. Furthermore, you can configure the Soluxio to make it your own, so that it fits best with your solar-powered monument lighting project.

The solar pole integrates three cylindrical solar modules . High-end batteries are located inside the column and store the generated solar energy. Using these state-of-the-art components results in a top-notch product with a sleek design that gives the monument the cachet it deserves. The black solar modules that are used for the solar poles are both beautiful and discrete. The aluminum pole has a brushed and black anodized finishing, giving the solar pole an elegant look. Are you looking for a solar pole to light up your monument? Please get in touch here!

Pictures of this solar powered monument lighting project

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