Soluxio solar monument lighting during night time at Priesnitz monument.

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After several vandalism and graffiti incidents at the Priesnitz monument, the Municipality of Rheden looked for a solar monument lighting solution. The Priesnitz monument was built in memorial of Vincenz Priessnitz and dates back to 1860. Vincenz Priessnitz reached fame in the 18th century because of successfully treating diseases. Since the Priesnitz monument is located in a nature area, the electric grid isn’t available nearby. For this reason, the Soluxio solar monument lighting columns proved to be the best solution for lighting this monument.

As the Soluxio solar streetlights are 100% solar-powered, they are easy to install. Besides this, the Soluxio solar lights have a low Total Cost of Ownership. And as a result of using the latest lithium battery technology, the solar lighting columns are highly reliable. The Soluxio solar-powered lights blend perfectly in the green environment. And they provide the desired effect, which is safety and security.

The Municipality of Rheden is still very happy with the installation, because no vandalism incidents have been reported after installing the Soluxio solar poles. Furthermore the Soluxio solar monument lighting operates completely maintenance-free. Therefore the Soluxio solar columns show how municipalities can reduce the operational costs of their assets. The Soluxio solar-powered monument lights are equipped with light fixtures of Philips. To clarify, the Soluxio solar column is light fixture independent, which means you can choose the light fixture you prefer.  Also these Soluxio lighting columns have two cylindrical solar modules. And they are remotely monitored due to a connection to the Internet.

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Rheden, the Netherlands

Monument lighting

Off-grid solar light

5 meter



Images of this solar monument lighting project at the Priesnitz monument

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