NxT solar bollard pathway lighting at parking lot.

Solar bollard pathway lighting at a parking lot

With the sleek and modern design, these NxT solar bollard pathway lights truly stand out at this American parking lot. The NxT solar bollard pathway lighting is installed in a gated community near Las Vegas, USA. At this location Soluxio solar street lights are also installed. Due to the great experience with the Soluxio solar street lighting, the client wanted the NxT solar bollards to be installed at the parking lot. The NxT solar-powered bollards run on the same advanced solar technology as the Soluxio solar street lights. Therefore this makes it the most advanced solar outdoor lighting available today.

Solar energy powers the NxT outdoor lights. As a result trenching standard electric wires isn’t necessary. Also installing the NxT solar bollard and getting it up-and-running only takes 15 minutes. Therefore the parking lot doesn’t have to be closed down and the nearby greenery remains intact. This saves you time, nuisance and money. And it gives you unlimited freedom to elegantly light-up any location.

Hendorson, Nevada, USA

Instant performance

Solar Bollard Pathway lighting

Remote monitoring

Warm white LED light


Soluxio NxT solar bollard pathway lighting

Solar bollard pathway lighting in the blink of an eye

The premium look and the superior quality are the result of years of innovation. The NxT solar bollard is built with the latest solar technology. Aso the curved solar modules are made with >24% efficient mono-crystalline silicon cells and impact-resistant borosilicate glass. Each string of solar cells is equipped with a maximum power point tracker of optimal energy yield. This results in durable solar modules that are sustainable and environmental-friendly. Inside the bollard is a lithium battery that captures the energy which is harvested during the day. The batteries have long service life (±8-10 years) and require no maintenance at all.

Besides the quick installation, ease-of-use was another reason to chose for the NxT bollards. The NxT lights up automatically based on an astronomical clock. It uses the integrated GPS system to locate its position in Las Vegas and to determine when to turn on and off. No set-up is needed. Apart from this NxT solar bollards can be remotely monitored, for easy asset management. All these innovations have led to the most sustainable, reliable, and advanced solar bollard available on the market.

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